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Price calculations are for images of a single boat at one event (defined by the results of a search by boat name). To get a quote for personal use simply select an image you want in the list on the left, click the 'BUY' button, then select 'High resolution digital images' and click the 'Add to cart' button. Repeat for additional images and the price will be displayed in the shopping cart.

Also read my terms for personal use
and my Commercial Price List.

I reserve the right to decline to distribute any image, even if it you have placed an order for it. In such cases you will be notified and not charged for the image in question.


Digital images are available for all events since December 2000.

What you get

Due to the rapidly advancing world of digital photography, and the fact that I am commited to producung the best images possible with the current technology, I have used a variety of equipment in recent years. Here is a list of which event was shot with which camera. I have included sample images from each camera. These are unedited camera files and are intended for comparison purposes. Please do not publish them in any form, but please feel free to print them for yourself.

Camera Events  
Fujifilm S1 Pro
3 megapixels

ARC 2000
Heineken Regatta 2001
Oyster Week 2001
Antigua Classic 2001
Antigua Sailing Week 2001*
Tobago 2001
Cowes Week 2001
America's Cup Jubilee 2001

1.4 MB

Nikon D1X
6 megapixels
ARC 2001
Heineken Regatta 2002
BVI Spring Regatta 2002
Oyster Week 2002
Antigua Classic 2002
Antigua Sailing Week 2002
Tobago 2002
Cork Week 2002
Cowes Week 2002
Maxi Cup 2002
Swan Cup, Sardinia 2002
ARC 2002
1.4 MB
Canon EOS1Ds
11 megapixels
Heineken Regatta 2003 to Heineken Regatta 2008
and everything in between.
2.4 MB
Canon EOS 1Ds MkIII
21 megapixels
Heineken Regatta 2008 and all subsequent events. Sample 5616x3744 5.1 MB

Canon EOS 1D MkIV
16 megapixels

St. Barths Bucket 2011 and later (used in conjunction with the 1Ds MkIII)


*Was partly shot with a borrowed Canon D30

Images are supplied on USB flash drive (if you buy person to person) or I will email a link to download them in a zip file.

Sharing the images

I assume that you will share the images among crew members therefore the images are priced for the whole crew. You may share them with other crew members without violating copyright. You might like to make it a joint decision to buy the digital images and split the cost.

What can I use the images for?

You may use the images for any non-commercial purpose that does not involve freely distributing the original high resolution files. I also give you specific permission to use the images for:

  • Making prints for personal use
  • Photo-books, providing the print run is less than 50 and they will not be for sale to the public
  • Web sites offering news and information about the boat
  • Personal websites
  • Displaying on your personal computer

What can I not use the images for?

Without first obtaining permission from Tim Wright you may not:

  • re-sell the images
  • use the image for advertising
  • publish the image (except as noted above)
  • submit the images to newspapers, periodicals, publishers or stock photo agencies

If in doubt email Tim Wright .


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